9 Weeks Out

Arnold Amateur 2011 | Brittany I am officially 9 weeks out from my next fitness bikini competition, the WBFF Central Championship in Kansas City on May 21 –  I couldn’t be more excited to step on stage again and so close to home! After taking a little much-needed time off after the Arnold Amateur from training and diet, I’m ready to hit it hard for this next competition.

Competing at the Arnold was such an awesome experience and I still can’t hardly believe that I got up on stage in front of hundreds in none other than a bikini and 5″ heels.  Although I didn’t place, I conquered a MAJOR fear that has been present since a very young age, and that is, being exposed to the world in a bikini. Never before have I had the confidence in myself or in the way that I look to be seen in such attire. I’ve always been the one at the pool or lake still adorning my cover up while others freely let it all out with such care-free attitudes. Friends would say I was ridiculous and looked great, but yet I continually convinced myself that they were wrong. It’s interesting when I reflect back on the sports that I’ve been involved in: dancing at age 4 till I was 18, swim team during my middle school years, cheerleading and cross country throughout high school, and now fitness/bikini competitions – interestingly enough, all of which physical appearance and image play some sort of role. Why is it that I still engaged in these types of activities, even with such a strong dissatisfaction towards my body? That answer, a passion. A passion to continually better myself, my health & well-being.

That passion is what has gotten me to where I am now, but with that has come a new-found appreciation for myself and my body. Amazing things happen when you really treat your body good, give it the clean, whole foods that it needs, commit to regular exercise, and most importantly, be backed by an amazing support system of mentors, trainers, friends & family! Without those people by my side, especially during some of my tougher days, I wouldn’t be where I am now. By keeping my goals and the other women involved in the fitness & bodybuilding industry in mind, I stuck with it because I knew if they could do it, so could I! These are the women who I look to with such admiration and respect, women who are out to inspire and change people’s lives through their own stories about fitness & health. Although the journey isn’t an easy one at times, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

So here’s to the next 9 weeks – armed with new knowledge, tools & resources to achieve my goals and kicking butt at the WBFF Central Championship on May 21!! I’ve got a Pro Card heavy on my mind… 🙂




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